ID: SB2379

  • Infilling : Sound Proof Material Insulation
  • Standard Size : 2050*960 (Big Size) 2050*1200
  • Surface Finish : Heat Transfer Print
  • Opening Direction : Inward Or outward
  • Lockset : Mechanical AB Lockset, Multi – point System
  • Hinge : Invisible is 90 Degree Opening Door and Visible 180 Degree Opening



  • Multilayer Door Frame
  • Reinforced Side–Lock Points
  • 90 degree opening hidden hinge
  • Longer operational life
  • Required low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Main Lock
  • Multilayer Door Frame

    We thicken the inflected frame, the doors have several function of anti-pry, sound insulation, hot insulation and cold protection

    Reinforced Side – Lock Points

    The thickened door leaf leaves the place for assembly of reinforced side- lock, so firmer and more durable

    Door panel

    With processing mould from Germany the door plank adopts 2000 tons hydraulic equipment that formed only once to process

    Main Lock

    New- style fitting in individual feature, with thick round lock tongues, strong and elegant


    Upper and lover bolt, open and flexible, convenient operation, safety has safeguard.

    90 degree opening hidden hinge

    The thickened, widened and reinforced adjustable hinges solve the problems that door leaf may cause falling position after using for a long time. It has unique design and excellent performance

    High temperature honeycomb paper


    Rock insulation together with U shape steel frame